Adult Summer Reading Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do I have to read books on the library double point list?

A1: No! You can read and review any books you choose. Each book read and reviewed will be one entry for the weekly, monthly, and grand prizes.


Q2: How do I register for an event?

A2: You can do the following: visit our website and find the event (click on the registration link) OR call the library to register OR visit our Facebook page and find the event in the Adult Programs photo album (registration links are in the comments).


Q3: If I read a book to my children, can I submit it for an entry?

A3: Unfortunately, this year we are keeping the ASRP entries to adult books. (Tween and Young Adult count too!) It just seems more fair this way.


Q4: Which events count toward summer reading prize entries?

A4: ALL adult events (even the regular, monthly library events) will allow you an extra entry for prizes.


Q5: How will prize winners be chosen?

A5: A random generator will choose prize winners. Video of the winners will be posted on our Facebook (@MLJLibrary) page.


Q6: How can I see the prizes?

A6: Prizes will be at the circulation desk each week and photos will be shared to the Facebook page (@MLJLibrary).


Q7: Do the points only count as double points if I submit my review the week of the book theme?

A7: No! All double point books are worth double points ALL summer long, regardless of which week you submit your review. Feel free to jump ahead on the list or stay in a theme you enjoy :)