Applying for a Library Card

Library Cards and Loan Periods

Who can have a library card?

  • Any Ohio resident

What do I need to bring to get a card?

  • A valid picture ID
  • Proof of address if your address is different from the one on your ID

Can a kid get a card?

  • Yes, of course! People under the age of 18 can get a card by coming in with a parent/guardian and filling out an application, and teens (ages 13-18) can grab a special take-home application if their parents are not available during library hours.

Can you make sure my kid does not check out adult items?

  • Yes and no. While the library does not restrict borrowing to anyone, you can tell us that you would like your child to only check out materials from the children’s collection and/or below a certain age, and we will make a note on their account. Please keep in mind, though, that you are the one ultimately responsible for what materials your child checks out.

Do you offer teacher cards?

  • Yes! Any teacher—including homeschoolers—can sign up for a teacher card and immediately gain access to expanded library benefits including no probationary period, a 75-item checkout limit, and longer checkout periods. To do so, teachers must also hold a regular library card, and must be able to provide proof of them being a teacher.

Do you have any special perks for seniors?

  • Yes, we do have a reduced fine program for individuals aged 60 and over, where we only charge for overdue DVDs. However, we do still charge seniors for damaged or lost items.

How many items can I have out?

  • For the first 90 days, new patrons of all ages may have 3 items checked out at a time, but after the probationary period, patrons may have as many as 50 items checked out. The library may choose to extend the probationary period for patrons with fines.

Can I renew my items?

  • Yes! There are three easy ways to renew your library items before they are due. You can call us at (419) 673-2278, access your account online with your library card and pin, or simply come in and speak with us in person. If you want to use our online portal and have trouble doing so, we would love to teach you how and/or get you set up with a new pin.

What do I agree to when getting a card?

By becoming a library card holder, you agree to:

  1. Return all materials on time, or pay your fines in a timely manner if you do not.
  2. Pay for any items you return damaged, or items that you lose.
  3. Tell us as soon as possible if you lose your card, or if someone steals it.
  4. Tell us immediately if you move, and provide your new address.
  5. Paying $2 to replace your library card if you lose it.

Can I lose my card privileges?

  • Unfortunately yes. Any patron who owes the library more than $5 in fees/fines will lose their library privileges, but can easily get them back by paying their fees/fines. There are a few other ways to lose your privileges too, but this one is by far the most common.

How long can I have items out?

In this table, you can see how long something gets checked out for, the fine if it is late, and how many of that specific item type you can have out at once.