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Early Literacy / Literacy Kits

HFW - High-frequency words   VC - Vowel-Consonant words   CVC - Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words

Letter Recognition (PreK, Kindergarten)

LR 1-8 kits come with books, teaching tubs, activity guide. Teaching Tubs let kids identify and sort a variety of adorable miniatures pertaining to the letter. Each tub comes with 6 high-quality, educator-approved objects, plus uppercase and lowercase plastic letters.

LR-1. VC words, CVC phonemic awareness Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd. Contains 8 books (A is for Apple, “A”- A Letter Book, B is for Bee, “B” A Letter Book, C is for Cat, “C” A Letter Book, D is for Dog, “D” - A Letter Book). 4 Teaching tubs for letters A, B, C, D. 1 Activity card.

LR-2. VC words, CVC phonemic awareness Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh. Contains 8 books (E is for Elephant, “E” A Letter Book, F is for Fish, “F” A Letter Book, G is for Gift, “G” ” A Letter Book, H is for Hat, “H” ” A Letter Book), 4 Teaching tubs for letters E, F, G, H. 1 Activity card.

LR-3. VC words, CVC phonemic awareness Ii, Jj, Kk, Ll. Contains 8 books (J is for Jelly, “J” A Letter Book, K is for Key, “K” A Letter Book, L is for Lion, “L” A Letter Book). 4 Teaching tubs for letters I, J, K, L. 1 Activity card.

LR-4. VC words, CVC phonemic awareness Mm, Nn, Oo, Pp. Contains 8 books. (M is for Moon, “M” A Letter Book, N is for Nest, “N” A Letter Book, O is for Octopus, “O” A Letter Book), P is for Penguin, “P” A Letter Book. 4 Teaching tubs for letters M, N, O, P. 1 Activity card.

LR-5. VC words, CVC phonemic awareness Qq, Rr, Ss. Contains 6 books. (Q is for Queen, “Q” A Letter Book R is for Rainbow, “R” A Letter Book, S is for Sun, “S” A Letter Book). 3 Teaching tubs for letters Q, R, S. 1 Activity card.

LR-6. VC words, CVC phonemic awareness Tt, Uu, Vv, Contains 6 books. (T is for Turtle, “T” A Letter Book, U is for Umbrella, “U” A Letter Book, V is for Volcano, “V” A Letter Book). 3 Teaching tubs for letters T, U, V. 1 Activity card.

LR-7. VC words, CVC phonemic awareness Ww, Xx, Yy, Zz. Contains, W is for Watermelon, “W” A Letter Book, X is for Fox, “X” A Letter Book, Y is for Yo-yo, “Y” A Letter Book, Z is for Zebra, “Z” A Letter Book), 4 Teaching tubs for letters W, X, Y, Z. 1 Activity card.

LR-8. VC words, CVC phonemic awareness short a / e/ o/ u/ and ck. Contains 10 books. (1. Bugs and Tubs, a Short “u” Story, 2. Cabs and Labs, a Short “a” Book, 3. Ducks and Plums, a Short “o” Story, 4. Jams. Pans, and Vans, 5. Pets, Bells, and Tents, 6. Pigs and Wigs, a short “I” Book, 7 Twins, Gifts and Bins, 8. Vets and Jets, a Short “e” Story, 9. Foxes and Boxes, a Short “o” book, 10. Rocks, Frogs, and Docks). 1 Activity card.

CVC Words (Kindergarten)

CVC 1-5 - New HFW: all, and, are, come, do, for, got, he, into, look, mom, not, put, said, we, will.

CVC-1. Short a CVC. Inflect, endings: -s, -es. Double final consonants: -dd, -ss. Contains 6 books (Abs!, Cans, My Map, Rad Max, Pat Cat and Max),

CVC-2. Short i CVC. Double final consonants: -ll, -zz. Contains 5 books (I Call Dibs, Tag, Not a Pig, The Bag, Tiz the Pig),

CVC-3. Short o CVC. Double final consonants: -ff. Contains 5 books (Boxes, Fox on Top, Hot Rod, Pop, Ross the Boss),

CVC-4. Short u CVC. Contains 5 books (Fun the Tug, Hot Rod, Hugs for Liv, Pop Rocks!, The Gun Hut),

CVC-5. Short e CVC. Contains 5 books (Get Wet, Hats!, PJ Fun, Up We Go, The Sniffles),

Digraphs (First Grade)

Digraphs 1-5 - New HFW: away, day, comes, looking, play, she, so, this, went, when, with, what, where, your.

D-1. Digraph sh. Contains 4 books (The Shell, Cass and the Wish, Shop Cash, The Shake),

D-2. Digraph th. Contains 2 books (Little Ninja & Thor the Dog, The Treasure Map),

D-3. Digraph ch, Trigraph tch. Contains 4 books (Check on the Chickens, Chips, My Pet Chas, Snow Day for Enzo),

D-4. Digraph ng, Inflect. ending: ing. Contains 6 books (Ing and Bing, King is the Man! Spring, The Missing Ring, The Pop-Up Shop, The Video Game),

D-5. Digraph wh. Contains 5 books (Bars, Beams, Rings, and Mats, Little Ninja and the Whale, Lunch at the Wharf, The Math Whizzes, Which Witch?),

Beginning Blends (First Grade)

BB 1-5 - New HFW: be. came, down, from, have, help, her, love, next, of, over, says, too, want, who.

BB-1. L - Blends. Possessives. Contains 3 books (Bill and Todd's Jog, Pat cat, Max and the Bug, Playing Tag)

BB-2. S - Blends. Contractions: 't/not. Contains 3 books (Jen and Spud, Little Ninja on the Spot, Sid's Dog Chip)

BB-3. R - Blends. Contractions: -ve/have. Contains 3 books (Brad's Dogs, The Grill, Little Ninja and the Hamster)

BB-4. Mixed Review. Contractions: let's and to be. Contains 3 books (Flash, Kat's Dog Friends, The Pelicans)

BB-5. Inflect. ending: -ed. Sounds of -ed. Contains 1 book ( huck's Epic Trip)

Ending Blends (First Grade)

Ending blends 1-5New HFW: give, now, one, saw, some, they.

EB-1.  -nd, -nk, -nt. Contains 2 books (Fair at the Fair, The Drip in the Sink)

EB-2.  -st, -ft, -ct, -pt. Contains 3 books (Jen’s Vest, Just like Me, Mittens at the Vet)

EB-3. -lt, -lk. Contains 2 books (Sidewalk Chalk, The Trash Truck)

EB-4.  -ld, -lf, -lp. Contains 2 books (Helping, Where is the Milk?)

EB-5.  -sk, -mp. Contains 3 books (At Camp, Bev’s Truck, Go, Bots! Go!)

Final e Long Vowel Words (First Grade)

FLV 1-4. New HFW: eat, fly, good, out, their, were.

FLV-1. a-e Contains 3 books (Cake Lane, Kayla Skates, Let’s Bake a Cake)

FLV-2. i-e Contains 3 books (Bath Time, Kat’s fun Day, My Slime is Alive!)

FLV-3. o-e Contains 3 books (Band Rules, The Commute, The Talent Show)

FLV-4. u-e, e-e Contains 3 books (Being Kind, The Rope Zone, The Class Race)

R-Controlled Vowels (First Grade)

R-CV1-5 New HFW: again, because, could, does, every, why.

R-CV1. Contains 4 books (Cam’s Cars, Enzo and the Tank at the Park, The Crow, Little Ninja, the Star)

R-CV2. Contains 3 books (Gia’s Homework, Honor Roll, The Corn Maze)

R-CV3. Contains 3 books (3D Printer Panic, Disaster, Down the River)

R-CV4. Contains 4 books (A Letter from Camp, Born to Surf, Glitter Bird’s Chirp, The Trapeze Artists)

Sounds of Y, Digraph ph Contains 3 books ( Puppy gets a Name, Sophia’s Birthday, The Reporter)

Vowel Teams, Diphthongs & Trigraphs (First Grade)

VTDT 1-10. New HFW: been, laugh, new, night, though, would; Sounds of wr- and kn- know, knee, knew.

VTDT 1. -ee and –oa Contains 3 books (Beep-Beep, Let’s Plant a Seed, Mac and Cheese)

VTDT 2. -ea, -igh Contains 4 books ( A Feast with Kat Candy, Mighty Jean, Sharks, Sharks, Sharks, Spike the Firefighter)

VTDT 3. -ai, -ay Contains 3 books (By the Sea, Gia Goes to the Fair, I Love my Hair)

VTDT 4. –oe Contains 2 books (The Doe, The Hike)

VTDT 5. -ew, -aw Contains 3 books(Chasing a Newt, Happy Birthday, Enzo!, The Missing Things)

VTDT 6. -oo, -au Contains 4 books (Kat’s Book, One Day, Owls, What to do with a Dinosaur)

VTDT 7. -oy, oi Contains 1 book (The Noisy Toy)

VTDT 8. -ow, -ou Contains 3 books ( Gia Goes to the Zoo, The Fort, We can’t Sleep)

VTDT 9. –eigh Contains 3 books (Gia’s Garden, Market Day, Too Much Snow)

VTDT 10. -ue, -ie Contains 3 books (A Moonlit Lark, Charlie and his Hoodie, The Pie)

Multi-sound consonants (Second Grade)

MSC-1.  Soft g, c Contains # books (A New Job for Geoff, Fancy Giant Tea Party, The Race)

MSC-2.  Complex compound words Contains 3 books (Baseball with Grandpa, Out of this World, Kat’s Rainbow)

MSC-3. -ble, -fle, -ple (suffix -less) Contains 3 books (Ballet Class, More Snacks Puffles, Escaping the Temple)

MSC-4. -dle, -tle, -gle (suffix -ness) Contains 3 books (The Slime Monster, Noodle and Bugle, Penny’s Toys)

MSC-5. -cle, -kle, -sle, (suffix -ly) Contains 3 books (At the Gym, Mr. Pickle, Not Just Painting)



M-1. Math Fundamentals. Contains 1 book (Just Enough Carrots), 10 plastic carrots, 5 plastic worms, 5 plastic peanuts, and a guide sheet. (Call# Kit J 513.2 Mu)

M-2. Math Fundamentals. Contains 1 book (Mouse Counts, 10 small plush mice, one plush snake, and 1 activity card. (Call# Kit E Wa)


M-3. Math Fundamentals. Contains 1 book (Inch by Inch), 1 large plastic tape measure, 4 plush inchworms, and a guide sheet. (Call 3 Kit E Li)

Telling Time

M-4. Math Fundamentals / telling time. Contains 1 book (Tuesday), 1 frog puppet, plastic clock. (Call # Kit E Wi)


M-5. Math Fundamentals. Contains 1 book (A Pair of Socks), 40 wooden tiles) and a guide sheet. Call #( Kit J 513.14 Mu)





AS-1. Teamwork / working together. Contains 1 book (Swimmy).

AS-2. Accepting differences. Contains 1 book (I wish I were a butterfly), 1 plush cricket, and a guide sheet.

AS-3 Social communication / emergent literacy. Contains 1 book (An extraordinary egg), 1 alligator finger puppet, 3 frog finger puppets, guide sheet. (Cal# Kit E Li)


1. Frogs

2. Human Body

3. Insects

4. Solar System