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Click on the "Download Audio Books, eBooks, Music and Video" icon to the right to get started. For more information about this service, visit the Ohio eBook Project Quick Start Guide.

Kindle download tutorial

Click for the detailed tutorial (PDF)

Overdrive Audiobooks

Download an audiobook for your iPod, mp3 player, or smart phone and listen to an audiobook on the go. No library visit required! (See notes on compatibility below.)

Overdrive eBooks

Do you have an e-Reader?  With many e-Readers you can check out e-Books from the library for free!

(Compatible with Mac and Windows.)

Sony Reader users: eBooks come in two formats, EPUB and PDF. Sony Reader supports both formats, but you can only use one format at a time on your Reader.


Overdrive Video

Snag a documentary, an episode of Nature, or a travel show. Check out an old Marilyn Monroe movie or find an undiscovered recent release in the Feature Films section. Learn to play guitar or study the finer points of German pronunciation. (Windows only.)

 OverDrive Audiobook, eBook, Video - Help Pages

Please Note: You can not download eBooks from inside the library.

Before downloading from Overdrive:

  1. Make sure your player/reader is compatible: Recommended players for OverDrive
  2. To play audiobooks, download and install Overdrive Media Console.

    Audiobooks available for:

    Windows PCs

    Windows Mobile

    Mac Computers (mp3 only)

    iPhone (mp3 only)

    Android (mp3 only)

    Blackberry (mp3 only)
  3. To read eBooks, download and install Adobe Digital Editions.

    Ebooks available for: Windows PCs and Mac Computers
  4. To watch video, download and install Overdrive Media Console.

    Video available for: Windows PCs only

Each title will display device compatibility.

Overdrive Checkout Rules

  • 10 audiobooks/ebooks may be checked out at one time.
  • Check out period is 2 weeks. Titles do not count towards 25 item check out or holds limit.
  • Items may not be renewed.
  • Books cannot be checked out by more than one person at a time.
  • Many audiobooks can be burned to CD. They will stop working at the end of the check out period.
  • Must have a library card number each time you check out a book.

Sony Reader users: eBooks come in two formats, EPUB and PDF. Sony Reader supports both formats, but you can only use one format at a time on your Reader.

  1. After checking out an OverDrive title, click on the 'Download' link for the title.

    OverDrive Media Console opens, and the 'Get Media' dialog box is displayed. The 'Get Media' dialog box allows you to specify the location to which the file(s) you download will be saved.

  2. Click 'OK' to save the files to the default location or click the 'Browse…' button to specify a different location on your computer, then click 'OK'.

    The 'Download' dialog box is displayed. At the 'Download' dialog box, you can specify the Part(s) of the title you want to download. By default, all available Parts are selected for download. 


  3. Use the checkboxes to indicate the Part(s) you want to download, and click 'OK'.

    The 'Download' dialog box closes, and the download begins. The progress of the download of each Part is displayed in OverDrive Media Console. The download may take several minutes, depending on the number of Parts selected, the size of the Parts, and the speed of the Internet connection.