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Reference Solutions is an industry leader in business and consumer information. Reference Solutions, founded as ReferenceUSA in 1992, is an online tool to give library patrons and business owners access to data on over 17 million businesses and 320 million consumers. Reference Solutions eliminates the need to scour multiple websites or perform complicated searches—in fact we provide information to the top five search engines. We do it all—collecting and verifying the most accurate and up to date research data available. Our database brings information directly to students.

Use the Business Database to:

  • Conduct job searches
  • Look for sales leads
  • Find new business opportunities
  • Locate out-of-town companies
  • Find key business people contact information
  • Locate suppliers
  • Analyze competitors

Rely on the Residential Data to:

  • Plan weddings or family reunions
  • Organize class reunions
  • Find neighbors or long-lost friends

Search the Consumer Lifestyle Database to:

  • Conduct market research
  • Target new customers
  • Discover customer preferences
  • View prospective individual customer demographics
  • Analyze community demographics
  • Identify new residents in a specific area

**A valid library is required to access Reference Solutions.

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